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Announcement Information 

What is this about?
On April 2, 2011, leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announced a new temple to be build in Fort Collins, Colorado.

When will it be built?
Exact dates have not been announced, except that construction is expected to be completed about two years after plans are approved.  In Autumn 2012, local church leaders expressed hopes that construction could be completed sometime around Summer, 2015.

Why is a temple being built in Fort Collins?
Church leaders do not typically explain why a temple is built in a particular locality.  Mormons believe that their leaders are inspired and directed by God in making decisions, such as where to build temples.  From a practical standpoint, a temple in Fort Collins will be more convenient for Latter-day Saints in Northern Colorado, Southeast Wyoming, and Western Nebraska, who currently travel many hours to attend the temple in southern Denver (Centennial).

Will the temple be opened to the public?
There will be an open house available to the public after completion of the construction, but before the dedication of the temple.  All are invited and welcome to attend the open house.  

Where can I ask questions not addressed here?
Official inquiries should be sent to the Church public relations office.  However, you can ask questions by filling out the form on our contact page.  We'll read all questions and provide honest answers where we can.

General Temple Questions

See also this page which explains more about Mormon temples.

How will the temple be used?
The temple will not be used for large or congregational gatherings.  Instead it will be used for personal worship.  

When will the temple be used?
While the schedule for the temple has not been announced, there will likely be sessions available for worship all throughout the day and evening, Tuesday through Saturday. All LDS temples are closed on Sundays. The majority of LDS temples are also closed on Mondays. After dedication, there typically will be no large events or celebrations scheduled at the temple.  

Fort Collins Temple Details

Where will it be build?
On July 8, 2011, the location was announced to be at the intersection of Timberline and Trilby, on the Southeast corner, across from an existing meetinghouse.

Is there not a Mormon church sitting at that corner already?
There is already a meetinghouse on the Northeast corner of Timberline and Trilby, and the temple site is located directly across the street. Temples and meeting houses have different purposes. Meeting houses are used primarily for congregational Sunday services, while temples are for personal and small group worship during the weeks.

How big will the temple be?
The temple is planned to be 30,398 square feet.

For size comparison, the new King Soopers grocery store on North College is about 123,000 square feet in size, the Police Station on Timberline is 98,000 square feet, and county records indicate that the Timberline Church is 100,000 square feet in size.  The church building located across the street from the proposed temple site is about 24,500 square feet.

Are there any preliminary site plans?
The Church has posted a couple of graphics which give some insight into the preliminary development plan for the proposed temple site.

What will the temple look like?
The Church has released an artist rendering of what the temple will look like.

Fort Collins Religious Diversity

Will Mormons want to live in Fort Collins because of the temple?
When anyone looks to move to a location, they look at schools, transportation, employment opportunities, cost of living, churches, shopping opportunities, etc.  For example, if you were a Costco members, a Costco in Northern Colorado would make Fort Collins a more attractive place to live.  For Mormons, a nearby temple makes Fort Collins a more attractive place to live, but is still only one element in the decision to live in Fort Collins. 

With a Mormon temple in Fort Collins, are Mormons going to try to convert me and my neighbors?
The temple will serve as a place of personal worship and is not a center for proselytizing efforts.  Just like anyone who has found something fantastic in their life, Mormons are eager to share their faith with others.  The announcement of a temple in Fort Collins may mean that your Mormon friends and neighbors are more excited to share this news with you.  Additionally, in order to match the increased curiosity and inquiries from the public, the Church may decide to bring in additional representatives to answer peoples' questions.  However, the proselytizing efforts of the Church after completion of the temple construction will look very much like it is today.

Will masses of Mormons move to Fort Collins because of the temple?
Probably not.  There are 138 existing Mormon temples worldwide, including temples in Denver, Billings, Albuquerque, and Kansas City.  Since there were not masses of Mormons who moved to those areas after construction of temples, there will not likely be any significant number of Mormons moving to Fort Collins because of a temple.

Economic Impact

What short-term economic impact will a temple have on Fort Collins?
The short-term economic impact will likely be similar to the impact that any similarly-sized construction project.

What long-term economic impact will a temple have on Fort Collins?
Mormons will travel from Northern Colorado, Southeast Wyoming, and Western Nebraska to visit the temple in Fort Collins.  Since many will travel long distances, some will likely dine, shop, and fuel their cars in Fort Collins before returning home. In some cases, visitors may decide to stay overnight at local hotels before returning home.

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